The Impact of Technology on Society

Technological advancements have had a mixed impact on society. Today, it’s almost impossible to leave the house without your mobile phone. It’s like a small office, from entertainment to communication, life can be difficult without it.

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In the meantime, take a look at both the positive and negative effects.

The Positive Effects

  1. Improved Communication

It’s in communication that technology has the greatest impact. If you have doubts about this, think of what the world would be like without mobile phones. You’ll have to rely on emails and letters to pass messages across.

The problem isn’t in passing the message but rather in the efficiency in which you do it. Nowadays, you can reach anyone in the world with the touch of a button. Of course, if they’re within mobile network coverage.

In addition to fast communication, technology offers quick access to information. In fact, the internet is one of the leading sources of information for research among students.

  1. Organization

Your smartphone isn’t all about communication. It’s also about organizing your days and overall life. For example, if you own a smartphone, you can access calendars and alarm clocks to help you organize upcoming events.

Furthermore, you can also access numerous apps designed to improve your quality of life. They help you overcome certain life hassles. For example, a smartphone comes with a camera which eliminates the need for a conventional camera.

  1. Entertainment

It had to feature somewhere. High definition screen and top of the line sound quality characterize entertainment and it wouldn’t be possible without technology. Back in the day, you’d have to head over to the cinema to watch your favorite movie.

However, thanks to technology, you can watch your movie from the comfort of your bed with the touch of a button. What about gaming? When the PlayStation hit the market, the gaming scene went crazy. Subsequent improvements to the console brought dreams into reality.

The Negative Effects

  1. Time Wastage

According to research, the average person checks their phone up to 80 times a day. Break that down and you’ll come to 1 check after every 12 minutes. How about that?

As you can see, this is a lot of time spent on the phone. In fact, research from Flurry suggests up to 5 hours spent on the phone every day. A whopping 150 hours every month. Even worse is that a huge percentage of these checks aren’t productive.

  1. Leads to Addiction

Did you know you can get addicted to technology just like you can get addicted to drugs? In this case, you get all worked up about not being able to access technology. In other instances, it’s the fear of being away from it. Also known as nomophobia.

This is especially true in teens who according to a study, admitted to being phone addicts (50% of them). Such an addiction can also lead to mental disorders and depression cases.

  1. Source of Distractions

It’s why driving while on your phone will land you in jail. In other countries, crossing the road while texting or calling will result in heavy penalties. This is because mobile phones are a source of distractions and can cause accidents.

Away from the fatalities, mobile phones are generally known to divert attention. It’s also why parents take them away from their children so they can focus on their studies.

Technology is a necessity in today’s life. However, the innovation of various devices such as mobile phones come with both positive and negative effects on society as seen in this article.

Written by CelebMix