Promotional photo for "Not Giving Up" which sees The Kingdom Choir gathered together in a hall with floor-to-ceiling arched windows behind them.
Photo Credit: Andrew Whitton

The Kingdom Choir makes an epic return with their new brand-new single “Not Giving Up”

Returning to the spotlight, gifting love, hope and inspiration through the power of music, is The Kingdom Choir, with their newly-released single “Not Giving Up”. This follows up their 2021 Christmas EP, titled “Together Again”.

The Kingdom Choir was founded by the award-winning conductor, Karen Gibson MBE. They first gained global notability when they performed at the 2018 Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in front of a global televised audience of 2 billion people – a huge increase in audience considering the London-based choir had only performed to a maximum audience of 200 people prior to the wedding performance. Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength, signing a record deal with Sony Music UK, releasing a debut studio album, and becoming in demand across a huge board of countries going on to perform at the Invictus Games, ITV’s Concert for Ukraine, Prince Albert II of Monaco’s 2021 gala, Expo 2020, and a headline show at the Hollywood Bowl. They have collaborated with some of the biggest artists including Gladys Knight, Gregory Porter, Emelie Sandé, and Madness, and even gone on to work with global brands such as Cartier, Ralph Lauren, Coca-Cola, Burberry, British Airways, and Marks & Spencer. They ended 2022 by performing as special guests at Trevor Nelson’s Soul Christmas extravaganza at the Royal Albert Hall alongside the likes of Corinne Bailey-Rae and Andrew Roachford.

Written by Alex Hart, Greg Dwight, Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah, Karen Gibson, and Wilson Atie, whilst it has been produced by Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah and Alex Hart, “Not Giving Up” is a stable progressive track that builds strength as it climaxes into a phenomenal powerful gospel track spreading bundles of hope and belief in oneself to every single listener. Wayne Ellington’s baritone vocal leads the track beautifully, holding the listener’s attention from the get-go and making a brilliant impact on everyone, determined to spread the message of the song. The Kingdom Choir’s harmonies add volumes and unspeakable expressiveness to the track, making this even more inspiring. They easily showcase the mentality of not giving up on what you want out of life with the lyrics of the track, and the choir themselves empathetically relate to the song as it encapsulates their career to date, going from being formed in 1994 by Karen Gibson, spreading their talent and giving exceptional uplifting performances across London, to performing at the Royal Wedding in 2018 – it just proves that having hope and not giving up is exactly what we all need, and this song spreads just that.

Talking about the track, The Kingdom Choir said: “In our changing world, this is the song that rises from our hearts. It speaks of freedom and a determination to press on, a reminder that hope takes us through the broken moments of life onto a brighter day.”

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“Not Giving Up” by The Kingdom Choir is available to download and stream, across all platforms, right now, via Sentric Music Publishing.

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