The Man Behind Legacy Healing Center, Marc Effron

The co-founder of Legacy Healing Center, Marc Ryan Effron is now dedicating his life to helping others. The foundation is one of the world’s most renowned addiction facility. 

Here Is How Marc’s Journey Started

Marc was born in Swampscott Mass and lived with his mother and stepfather. His parents divorced when Marc was young and both remarried. The divorce of Marc’s parents impacted him emotionally.

Despite his homelife not being the best, Marc was an excellent kid when it came to studies. This helped him find success in the corporate sector at an early age. Being a vice president of a major investment firm in his early twenties, it would appear Marc had it all. However deep down, a lack of fulfilment was something that stemmed from his childhood. He did not have a purpose and the feeling was overwhelming to him. So much so, that he could no longer stand it and turned to substance abuse to numb the feeling.

The Reason Behind Legacy

By age 30, Marc lost everything including his family, job, and became homeless on the street. He knew he had to get his pieces together and get up again. He visited several treatment centres and finally got back to his feet. During this journey, he identified a huge gap in the market and finally found his calling. He knew he had to help those facing similar difficulties with a different approach to healing.

He opened his treatment facility through a pilot program of just three beds, based out of South Florida. Soon after then, Legacy Healing Center quickly grew to support over 155 beds and employ over 200 well looked after staff. Legacy Healing Center also supports a multi-state treatment program that expands out of South Florida as well. The treatment facility contracts with companies such as American Airlines to provide corporate mental health training.

 What Does Marc Look Forward To?

Marc looks forward to expanding treatment centres into multiple states within the next few years. Marc wants to impact as many people as he can with his holistic approach to overcoming substance abuse. Having treated over 10,000 patients, the program continues to offer hope and solutions to many.

Written by CelebMix