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The Perfect Attire for a Casino Night Out 

All reputable casinos are designed with style. Luxurious lighting and fixtures, red carpets, fancy food, dressed-up staff, and overall elegance await you once you go through their doors. So if you’re planning to court Lady Luck and have a memorable evening at a casino, you should look the part.

This is why we have selected some of the best advice out there to help you pick the perfect attire to complement your style and personality and make you fit in into the grandeur that is a brick-and-mortar casino establishment.


Check for a dress code first

If you already know your destination, you can find all the necessary information online beforehand. All casinos worth visiting have an elaborate online presence, and you’ll be sure to find information related to the dress code there, especially if a more formal style is required. 

If the dress code isn’t specified, this means that the standards of style are a bit more casual. Nevertheless, avoid being too casual, like showing up in your shorts and slippers after a swim or hitting the gym. 

Hotel casinos, for instance, don’t particularly care what their visitors wear when they hit the slots, but if you’re planning a Saturday night out gambling, you should definitely plan the outfit as well. 


If you want to sparkle

A flashy style like this goes well with luxurious casinos, like the ones in Vegas or London. 

In cases like these, ladies can opt for a shimmering dress and a pair of extravagant high heels. And if you really want to bedazzle, a sequin blouse paired up with free black pants, and sensible heels just might do the trick. The colors you should go for in this case are silver, gold, black and red. Choose a sparkly clutch bag to match, add some glittery jewelry, and you’re all set. 

Men, on the other hand, should wear something simple but elegant. Gray or black trousers are usually the top choices paired with a blue or red button-down shirt. Oxford-style shoes would go well with this combo but always go with a dark color. As far as jewelry is concerned, a simple gold chain and an elegant watch should be enough to make the outfit complete. 


If you want a calmer tone

Sparkly styles do not fit everyone’s personality, and you might not feel like yourself in flashy clothes. In that case, go for an outfit that’s a bit more sophisticated than glamorous, like professional wear. For the ladies, there’s always a pair of dark trousers or a pencil skirt. Add some jewelry and high heels, and you’re all set.

It is not much different for the gentlemen – a pair of dark trousers, a button-down shirt and stylish shoes. If you choose to wear a tie, a solid-color shirt is in order. If you’re wearing a belt, it would be a great idea to match the color with the shoes you’re wearing. 

If you’d like to stay casual

Some casinos do allow casually dressed visitors, and this is where you can get creative.

Ladies can flaunt a maxi dress matched with a denim coat for that bohemian free-spirit look completed by a pair of wedge sandals. 

Men can take their pick of casual shirts of all sorts and colors, brown loafers, and socks to match. 

Ages ago, the wise Seneka uttered one of the most used gambling quotes today, and that is “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” It just goes to show that thoughtful preparation and smart attire is an irreplaceable confidence booster that just might get you that big life-changing win.

And before we bring this to a close, let us recap the meaning of casino dress codes you may come across:

  1. White Tie – most formal of all the categories examples of which you can see at the Oscars, for instance.
  2. Black Tie – also formal, but more relaxed, although evening shoes are a must.
  3. Semi-formal – less formal, somewhere between formal and casual.
  4. Business Formal – this is best described as work clothes worn in a presentation. 

So, there you have it. A night out at a casino is most definitely an opportunity to flaunt your best outfit or go shopping for a new one. Either way, you’ll feel part of the glamour that’s part of every luxurious casino experience. 

Written by Monella