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The Rise Of Celebrity Online Bingo Adverts

We have all see the TV ads with our favourite celebrities promoting the latest new bingo website and getting paid millions for doing it. Online bingo is an integral part of Internet gambling options, but also one of the fastest rising in the preferences of gamers. This hasn’t always been the case and for many years, punters were reluctant to make the transition to the Internet arena. There were plenty of reasons why they weren’t convinced by the opportunity of gambling online, but these are no longer valid. Nowadays, punters play online bingo with confidence and fully enjoy the gaming experience on desktop computers and mobile devices.

A casual game perfect for mobile gaming

Bingo is by definition a game suitable for recreational punters who want to limit the time and resources spent on gambling. Easy to learn and master, with a smooth learning curve and fun to play, it doesn’t require any previous experience. Most of the casual online players use smartphones and tablets to enjoy short and fun gaming sessions. There are naturally driven to bingo as a game that doesn’t pose a serious challenge and can be enjoyed on both real and virtual currency.

Over the last couple of years, the online bingo community has expanded, and it brought in both new and existing players. A significant percentage of those who enjoy the games online are bingo enthusiasts who used to play the game in brick-and-mortar locations. They were convinced by the advantages of switching to mobile gambling and took a leap of faith with the new format. Others are casino enthusiasts who found out that online operators have added bingo to the lineup of games and gave it a try.

The love affair between mobile gamers and bingo has also grown and today smartphones are some of the strongest catalysts for growth. Playing bingo using great websites listed on on handheld gadgets is simple, intuitive and allows for a greater level of convenience. You don’t need a widescreen to figure out everything relevant that happens in game or keep track of the numbers called. In fact, the numbers are added automatically by software, so the screen lights up when one of the lucky numbers are found.

Huge investments from gambling operators

Online casinos were the first to add bingo games to their portfolios and they continue to offer this form of entertainment. Having said this, the most important promoters of bingo games are actually specialized bingo rooms that only offer this type of game. They have refined their portfolios to target specific audiences, with many of them focusing on women. Early on, this was a recipe for success, since a significant percentage of casual bingo players were girls and women.

When gambling online, bingo fans have the advantage of claiming welcome bonuses and taking part in ongoing offers. These are key perks that traditional bingo parlors didn’t offer and they mean a great deal for recreational punters. Another argument in favor of choosing online bingo is the fact that social interactions are promoted over the Internet. You don’t miss out on anything because of the live chat feature that enables direct communication between players before, during and after the games.

Written by Monella