The Rise of The Tide

New band, The Tide, have been sharing new covers with us for months, showing us their talent and making us even more excited for some of their own music, which they’ve been working on in the studio recently! Their newest cover of One Direction’s Drag Me Down has already gained over 118,000 views on youtube in only 5 days!

We’ve been lucky enough to hear some of their own songs while supporting The Vamps on tour too, including Falling In Love Tonight and The Rest of Us. Whilst they’ve finished supporting The Vamps in their American tour and having done so in the UK too, they are now preparing for the Canadian leg of tour starting very soon!

In just under 6 months of being together, the band have performed in multiple countries achieving a strong fanbase which is continuously growing! Look out, these boys have a bright future ahead of them!

Written by Emma Soteriou

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