The Shades welcome new drummer Euan Leslie

After being together for over three years, shades fans were given the devastating news on 12th May that former drummer, Mike Bennett, would not be carrying on in the band. The boys tweeted out a video where Mike explained that “the more well known the shades have become, the harder it’s been for me to deal with the attention and the lifestyle”.


Mike then goes on to say that it isn’t something he “sees himself doing” and thanks the fans for everything they’ve done for him and the band. If you would like to watch the video, it is linked below:



Later on that day, the boys tweeted out saying “Announcement at 5pm”. This left fans feeling a mixture of emotions. Some replied saying that they felt “scared” while others were intrigued to find out what the boys had in store for them.


As the time for the announcement loomed, fans were starting to get very nervous. Finally, the boys tweeted their announcement and the fans could sit back and relax as they explained that they had found a new drummer.


They captioned the video “Please welcome @euanlesliedrums to the best fandom in the world!! He’s going to need all the help he can to put up with us!”

Nathan Lambert, guitarist, started off the video by expressing how excited the boys were to welcome Euan to The Shades. Mike then followed on by explaining that Euan had spent the past few weeks getting to know the lads and, of course, learning all the songs.

Fans were starting to get nervous at this point as tour was supposed to start in just over two weeks and they were yet to know whether it would get postponed or still carry on. But their minds were put at rest when Euan explained how he was looking forwards to meeting the fans on tour.

If you’d like to watch the full video, We’ve linked it below:



Written by Izzie McLean

An avid music lover.