The Tide cover 5SOS track Hey Everybody

The Tide boys have posted another amazing cover onto their YouTube channel and I can tell you we are all very in love with them and this video!

This lovely four piece have posted a brand new cover in the form of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s ‘Hey Everybody!’, the original itself is a great song and it is indeed a very great cover version and these boys never fail to please.

In the video we get to see Austin, Levi, Drew and Nate filming themselves and each other in a black and white filter,  whilst they do this they are walking around, giving each other piggy backs and we even catch a glimpse of them shopping and get to join them on their car journey!

The Tide New Cover 1

Lead singer, Austin Corini has a very nice ‘Junk child’ which we see at the beginning of the video. They also wear some very fetching hats at the end of the video.

The boys have posted many covers in the past year and they are all highly incredible, these boys are indeed very, very talented and their vocals never disappoint!

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Written by CelebMix