The Timeless Appeal of the Casino For A-List Celebrities

There have always been strong links between celebrities and casinos. It’s not so surprising really. The A-listers like to go where they’ll be seen, but also enjoy the atmosphere like every other casino-goer.

Maybe the heyday of this was back in the late 50s and 60s when Vegas became the legendary hangout of everyone from Frank Sinatra to Sammy Davis Jr. Along with their fellow Ratpackers like Dean Martin and Joey Bishop, they epitomised the hard-living and fast-playing nature of the times.

The activities that celebrities get up to in their spare time may well be different from those of days gone by, but one mainstay is the casino. So, here are three of the glittering names who like nothing more than spending time hoping that Lady Luck will smile down on them.

Paris Hilton

Imagine being able to say “Yes, that Hilton” whenever anyone asks if you’re anything to do with one of the world’s most famous hotel chains. So it’s no surprise that the ultimate party girl Paris is partial to a casino. And, because money follows money, she’s also seen some considerable paydays with reported five-figure wins at blackjack on at least two occasions.

Hilton is also rumoured to be fond of other classic table games such as roulette and slots, which are staple features of most popular casino floors. While she’s well-versed in coping with the limelight and cameras following her every move, most people tend to enjoy their games in the relative privacy of the online world, courtesy of sites like Genesis Casino. Most distinguished casinos now focus as much on populating their online presence as they do their physical establishments, and provide virtual iterations of beloved table games as well as interactive, real-time games that feature live croupiers dealing the cards. Anonymous casino gamers can go without the hassle of arranging for a stretch limo and a security team, and enjoy the very same games as Hilton, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Kim Kardashian

Paris may be slightly overshadowed in the fame stakes these days by Kim and Khloe et al, but she definitely provided the blueprint for their version of celebrity. Kim has also been showing a certain interest in gambling in the past. Back in 2018, she turned up along with various other Kardashians and Jenners for a Texas poker event on behalf of the ‘IfOnly’ charity. It’s not known how Kim did on the night but the fact that she wore mirrorshades while playing did cause something of a Twitter storm. After all, there’s not much point in having a poker face when your opponents can see all your cards reflected in your shades.

George Clooney

It’s hard to think of any male celeb who’d look better in a tuxedo than George Clooney. And, by the time he’d starred in the classic Vegas movie Ocean’s 11 he’d already gained quite a reputation for not just being one of the most stylish casino players, but also one of the most successful. It was also rumoured that a character in the poker movie Molly’s Game was based on him. At one point he was even planning to build his own casino in Las Vegas – one multi-million dollar gamble that never came off.

So there you have them – three top-drawer celebs who can’t resist the lure of the casino. Much like George Clooney himself, some things just don’t age.

Written by Monella