The Top 5 Best Hiking Boots for Men: Only Hike with Them!

Hiking is a popular activity for various people. Do you value the destination, or do you enjoy the journey? Either case, you may find yourself in need of a good pair of backpacking boots  that will safely take you there. Since hiking is pretty challenging, you had better be prepared. One of the must-haves is decent footwear.

It may be hard to find your preferred pair as there is a multitude of boots available to select from. Luckily, we have researched the multitude of options and selected some of the best choices. Scroll down and choose the pair of boots that will be  your best fit.

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1. Men’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot (by KEEN)

The first entry on the list of the best waterproof hiking boots for men is a pair of boots that’s as lightweight as sneakers. They will bring the utmost comfort to your feet, whatever terrain you are on. The material for this pair is leather, giving it a sleek appearance and feel. Because it is 100% waterproof, snow or rain will not ruin it. The look will remain the same as the day you bought them.

The mesh inside is breathable, which allows for a considerable amount of airflow. The moisture in the item will be lower, so your foot will remain comfortably dry. The boot shaft comes with a four-inch measurement from the arch, thus offering much more ankle support. At the same time, it provides you with freedom of movement.

Also, the model has a thick and long-lasting rubber sole. It is easy to remove debris from the spaces between the traction nodules.

2. Men’s Renegade GTX Mid (by Lowa)

The Lowa is tremendously popular and is considered one of the best hiking boots for men with wider feet. It is not just breathable but also waterproof. The GORE-TEX lining is one of its many impressive features. This material is excellent when it comes  to keeping your feet dry.

That’s not all: this product does not let moisture in thanks to it’s nubuck leather uppers. The incredibly comfortable ankle bands allow you to walk with the footwear as long as you want. Also, its padded tongue provides the perfect comfort.

With gusseted tongue, debris will not get inside your boot and hurt your foot during your hike. You can travel longer than ever owing to the polyurethane midsole, which is useful for absorbing shock. Vibram outsole lets you get as much traction as possible. As a bonus, there are more than 20 available colors and designs for you to select from. So finding your perfect look would not be difficult at all.

3. Fugitive GTX Waterproof Hiking Boot (by Asolo)

These are the best narrow hiking boots for men, and they have become hugely popular. They are crafted from superbly light and breathable material, which enables impressive air circulation around your feet. Hence, they will stay safe and dry. Gore-Tex is included in the design of this item, to ensure it is waterproof. Thanks to this lining, water will not be able to find a way into the shoe, despite the amount of moisture present on the hiking trail.

The heel, the midsole, and front deliver optimal comfort and protection for all parts of your foot. With its toe boxes, your toes will receive enough defense from rocks or stones. Plus, they help avoid slips when securing your foot position. The fantastic under-sole allows for a perfect grip. The Duo Asoflex comes with its own insole, providing support and flexibility, particularly during climbs.

With the thick heel, your feet will feel comfortable while protecting them as well. Another terrific characteristic is the lacing system – Adjusting the fit of these boots now becomes an effortless task. The feature also contributes to a more sophisticated appearance of the footwear.

4. X Ultra 3 GTX (by Salomon)

Do you love outdoor adventure? If so, these are the best lightweight hiking shoes for men for you. The manufacturers  have created it with rocky trails in mind.

The design is waterproof while also being breathable, and the bottom soles are designed to grip. This model will provide great support throughout any  hike. Another distinguishable feature is the Advanced Chassis with the surrounding foam. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, you may not realize you are even challenging yourself in the wilderness. Plus, it increases the stability of the heel, helping to prevent injuries..

Overall, this Salomon is fantastic for intense sports. Do you like conquering mountaintops? Then, this item will be indispensable!

5. Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoes (by KEEN)

They provide sizes as large as 17 in not just regular shapes, but wider ones too. Famous as a running shoe for wide feet, these shoes are an excellent choice for big men when it comes to shoe size. That said, it is not only the fact that they cater for bigger feet that makes this product unmissable…

Its shaft has a five-inch measurement from the arch, which offers extra support. For big people, this feature is a significant contribution to the wellbeing of  their ankles and feet, especially when they carry more weight in the backpack.

The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole works to absorb the continuous shock throughout your hikes, resulting in lower stress placed on your legs and feet. The lugs with multi-direction on its rubber outsole deliver excellent traction for challenging terrain. What is more, the footbed is removable. So, the shoes are customizable for the most proper support to your feet.

What is next?

Trail running shoes have enjoyed dramatic evolution since their introduction. There are no longer ‘heavy leathers’ or so in their dictionary. Instead, they are lightweight, waterproof, and safe for any terrain whether its about running or jogging. With the best options above, we hope you find the absolute best for your needs and preferences.

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Written by Monella