The Top 7-Ranked Australian Podcasts

Australians love true crime. Ranking firm Triton released the Australian Podcast Ranker that reveals the top podcasts downloaded by Australians in June. The podcasts cover such topics as relationships, comedy, finance, and sports.

Podcasts are just one form of Web-based entertainment that has seen a rise in popularity during the pandemic. Online casinos have also been particularly popular due to the added incentive that they offer real money wins, like Bonusfinder New Zealand explains on Then there’s streaming music on platforms such as Spotify and Pandora. But for conversational audio fans. podcasts are bigger than ever before.

Making the number one spot on the list of the top-ranking podcasts and proving that Australians love gruesome mysteries is Casefile. The second on the list is lifestyle and comedy show Hamish and Andy. Here’s the top seven in full.

  1. 1) Casefile True Crime

Topping the list is a podcast that shows that truth can sometimes be scarier than fiction. Casefile looks at some of the more nightmarish and shocking examples of true crime, both in Australia and internationally. If you enjoy murder mysteries or how the police track down serious criminals, you’ll love this podcast. If you have a low tolerance for the grizzly details of real-life violence, however, you might want to avoid it.

  1. 2) Hamish and Andy

Here’s a show where two of the country’s most respited radio personalities deliver several laughs a minute. Andy Lee and Hamish Blake discuss a number of obscure topics, such as sneezing etiquette, to more mainstream topics like quotes from Star Wars. They also enjoy pulling cringe-worthy and hilarious stunts on the air. You’ll love this podcast if you enjoy hearing news and events delivered with humour. If you like your news more on the serious side, however, you should probably steer clear from this satirical show.

  1. 3) Stuff You Should Know

A show that delves deep into topics about the world we live in and attempts to answer tricky questions with no obvious answers. The topics include free radical theory and Faraday cages. If you like to know how things work in the world and you have an inquisitive mind, you’ll find this great food for your brain. If you like topics to stay the same each episode, and variety doesn’t do it for you, you should probably try a different show.

  1. 4) The Kyle and Jackie O Show

The duo mainly discusses trends and celebrity gossip. Expect to hear about bizarre celebrity baby names and the craziest Hollywood outfits. Their reputation in Australia and abroad ensures they get numerous A-list guests on board. If you can’t get enough of entertainment and celebrity life, this show is for you. If you enjoy topics more sensible than superficial, however, you won’t get anything out of this one.

  1. 5) Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne

Life Uncut is basically a dating podcast where the duo discusses the trials and tribulations of relationships in the modern world. To give you an idea of what to expect, recent episodes have seen the hosts discuss body dysmorphia and conflict resolution. If relationship issues interest you, this show is worth a listen. If people’s intimate lives and their gory details turn you off, then don’t bother.

  1. 6) The Update

The Update looks at the latest in Australian and global world affairs, including headlines from sports, entertainment, and politics. These minisodes last just two to three minutes and focus on a specific trending topic. The show does a great job of updating you with the latest, breaking news. If you prefer more in-depth and longer news and analysis, however, keep looking.

  1. 7) 7am

In contrast to The Update, 7am delivers long-form stories, not unlike those you can find in Australian newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald. The 16-minute episodes reveal in-depth reporting with all the “who, what, and where” you could want. If you like fact-based political reporting, this would be a great choice. If you like your political news to include entertainment, however, this one will likely turn you off.

Written by Monella