The Urban Renewal Project and Vic Mensa release the swinging new single “Will To Survive”

The Urban Renewal Project can be recognized for their bold genre-defying music fusing elements of Jazz, Hip-hop and soul. Their eclectic sound bursting with color possesses an infectious quality that draws listeners in. Now unleashing their explosive new single “Will To Survive” ft. Vic Mensa, it immediately gets you in the fierce fighting spirit. The 7-inch release comes wrapped with an original 20-page manga narrating the tale of a young recruit from North Africa in the Roman Legion.

The band’s use of ancient Mediterranean instruments adds to the song’s powerful message of a cry for battle. R.W. confides, “We drew a lot of inspiration from the fact that we’ve been in survival mode for the past year, just trying to make it through everything in one piece, and that sentiment tied together really nicely with the themes I found myself exploring with these historical military instruments.”

The accompanying visuals are set in a vast open desert. The stark setting fits with the song’s feel seamlessly as the track’s message is one of endurance and survival. It is also the perfect backdrop for the ancient horn. Their laid-back attitude as they play gives the piece a feel-good flair.

The project’s vibrant, vintage vibes truly captivate crowds. The group has played prominent events such as SXSW and the Java Jazz Festival as well as toured with Camp Lo. The Urban Renewal Project gained a loyal fan base through their distinct sounds all melding together to create a striking style. Their fresh rhythms and assertive vocals make for ideal musical releases. “Will To Survive” ft. Vic Mensa has the same confident quality. This old-school-style offering leaves you feeling as if you can get through anything.  

Connect with Vic Mensa here and The Urban Renewal Project here.

Written by ChloeRobinson

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