The Vamps Make the Us move!

The Vamps Make the Us move! 4

After made the whole UK danced during their arena tour,the four young musicians flew all the way to USA for a big tour.

And luckily we’ve got the chance to go to the New York show. The first acts: Before You Exit and The Tide,two new bands that starting to become pretty big,put everyone in the dancing mood.

Suddenly The Vamps came on stage, and every girls(and boys)started yelling like crazy. Our british boys performed most of their famous hits,from Wild Heart to Somebody To You. They even sang some covers which made the vampettes really happy.

And the luckiest fans who made it front row,could try to touch Brad’s hands or even get a high five,as the lead singer came to say Hi to the crowd.

The Vamps concert is something you don’t want to miss! Because believe me these cuties know how to move,and make the crowd goes wild.

Written by CelebMix