The Young Filmmaker releases teaser ‘130 Miles | A Bicycle Touring Documentary’ ahead of full-length feature

After a two-month hiatus from YouTube, The Young Filmmaker is back with a new teaser video ‘130 Miles | A Bicycle Touring Documentary’, ahead of his full-length documentary feature expected this winter or Spring 2019.

The boy behind the camera is 16-year-old Luther Clayton, a teenager with a keen eye and mind for nature. Videos on his lifestyle choices, such as ‘Why I’m an Aspiring Minimalist at 16 y/o’, ‘What I ATE in a day as a 15 y/o VEGAN’ and ‘How I run my Shop at 15 years old’ have amassed thousands of views and helped the YouTuber to 35,000 subscribers.

What Clayton has a talent for is showcasing the outdoors, citing celebrity explorer Steve Backshall as one of his principal inspirations. The majority of his uploads see him trekking the local fields and rivers of Cornwall, with a daring youthful need for adventure. The teenager’s eye for a panoramic shot and ability to direct films, however, is far beyond his years.

The eco-warrior’s plan for his upcoming documentary centres on plastic usage and he recently headed to Brittany, France on bike to begin shooting the project. The Young Filmaker’s newest video is a 10-minute storytelling of that trip, the joys of exploring on two wheels, why it didn’t quite work out as planned and what he will take forward moving on.

It’s full of swooping cuts of French countryside, interviews with himself and his sister, as well as a candid review of the trip. “It has taught me so much about film making and sticking to what you plan to make” and “the acceptance that documentary film making is very different to narrative film making”, he reveals. It’s an honest telling of the youngster’s journey on his filmmaking career that makes him just so endearing to his following.

As well as this first-taste of his upcoming documentary, Clayton recently uploaded his entry into #dartinfocus, a competition hosted by Dartmoor National Park to support and encourage young filmmakers to get out and try their hand at film making. It showcases his eye for shooting landscapes and his creative mind in the accompanying poem too.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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