Theatre Plays As An Essential Part of Education

College and university time can be very challenging for anyone. Students are going through a lot of stress and are constantly looking for ways to get distracted. There are many options outside of educational institutions like playing video games, spending time with friends, and travelling. However, how great would be the idea of creating those “distractions” within educational programs? It is of course useful to have all these specific subjects students could practically use at work after receiving a degree. Therefore, it is also efficient to add some art to the program. Some literature, theatre plays, or paintings will not be too time-consuming and yet very methodical. Details of the pros and cons of this approach we will discuss further within a little research on how theatre plays could boost productivity. 

How theatre could help students with studying in college 

Students tend to be worried and irritated about studying most of the time. Even though it is considered one of the most fun and exciting periods of your life. However, it does not always turn out this way. There is a huge load of homework, assignments, and projects you have to concentrate on not to get expelled. Moreover, if we talk about students getting scholarships, they have even more stress and worries in their lives. Such students must have enough pressure on their shoulders so there should be an initiative from the university’s side to optimize such things. Students must have room for expressing the artistic part of their personalities. There are so many classical plays that could be initiated, learned, and played by students.  There is a lot of poetry and literature in “Hamlet” essayyou could check out for additional inspiration we always need in studying. It adds some passion and excitement to their studying. Playing a theatre play could also bring value in terms of training students’ memory for example. Also, they get to dress like their favorite characters and relive the experience they only read about before. Besides, universities could use such plays and fundraising for a good cause and donate money to some dedicated organization to help kids, animals, or sick people, for instance. Of course, it must not be charitable, this is just an option to get another value from theatre playing apart from students and professors.

Cons of being involved in theatre plays are college for students 

The few disadvantages we could name of this approach is that such freedom of mind could cause students to change their direction. Of course, it is much more fun to play your favorite character rather than solve Math issues and read about history. Which is why it s crucial to keep the balance. It is great to add variety to the program, therefore, it shall not consume too much of students’ time and focus. If we talk about theatre plays as separate subjects, it shall not be more than twice a week. This is a way to have young people relax their brains and still have enough time and resources for other subjects.  The one extra con we could talk about is when a student gets into the character too literally. Whenever the students are tired and confused they tend to run away from reality. Theatre plays are another way of doing that. It might be a very rare case, however, it is still possible. Whenever you have too many rehearsals, change of costumes, and feelings for other play heroes growing on stage, it is very easy to lose a sense of reality. However, it is very considerate for students to participate in such activities, and apart from the point above it only brings value to the whole education process

In conclusion, art could be a great deal at any time of our lives. It could be a salvation of the sad and happy moments of our lives. There is no better way to express our feelings and whatever is really going on inside our souls. It is a very sincere recommendation to find the art of your liking. Either it is sculpting or drawing, writing or painting, whichever brings more personal value to you. The goal is to get it off your chest and sometimes to express externally the feeling you did not even have an idea about. People are very mysterious creatures and half of the brain is rational. But the other half is creative and it needs us to find an artist inside of us. 

Author’s Bio 

Percy Bunnell is a talented researcher who has been great with completing several investigations on specific educational cases. Percy created many articles with details on students, their paths, and life choices. Percy Bunnell paid specific attention to students with scholarships to find the roots of their passion and interest in studying. 

Written by Monella