There’s A New Zara Larsson Song And You Need To Listen To It

Blessed be 2016 for giving us so much good pop music!

We have not only received brand new music by Ariana Grande this year but also solid pop albums by the Queen of Pop, Britney Spears, and by Carly Rae Jepsen, among others. And as if that wasn’t great enough already, the time has come for another pop musician extraordinaire to rise and bless us with a brand new track.

It is now time for Zara Larsson to grace us with new material.

Over the last couple of months, the singer heavily teased the completion of her debut album on Twitter. Now, it appears, we get to hear the result as today is the day she unveiled a brand new song.

“Ain’t My Fault” is its name and, well, to be quite honest, it’s perfect. Already the first couple of seconds are iconic. It opens with a school bell, reminding the listener of “Baby One More Time…”, after which Zara starts singing “oh my, oh my” over the catchy tunes of a saxophone. And, oh my, oh my, what a tune follows.

“Ain’t My Fault” could easily be described as a more mature and more self-confident version of the singer most of us first met with the release of “Lush Life”. While the latter was an easy-going, bubbly summer song, “Ain’t My Fault” is much sexier, stronger. Starting with the lyrics (“It ain’t my fault you keep turning me on; it ain’t my fault you got, got me so gone”), leading over to the vocals (which are even more defined than usual and might sometimes seem like those of Rihanna) and the production: everything points to a new Zara Larsson, a singer who has found her voice and who is not afraid to use it.

Zara Larsson’s new track is sexy, confident, catchy to the max and filled with plenty of Instagram-worthy captions. So if you are still in desperate need of the track of your summer: this might be your best choice.

Fun fact: “Ain’t My Fault” was co-written by MNEK with whom Zara also recorded (and co-wrote) her previous single “Never Forget You”.

If you want to, you can either stream it (link below) or buy it, starting today.

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Written by Heiko

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