Thin-derella! London Premiere Backlash at Cinderella

So Disney’s pumped up rehash of Cinderella premiered in London last night against an oh so predictable and yawn inducing backlash of ‘Why is she a size zero?’ and ‘Why have Disney given her a waistline the size of a coke can?’ Please guys – C’mon. I’m all for providing real, achievable and healthy body image role models but this is Cinderella and it is a period piece and half of the joy of a Disney film, be it animated or live action is the escapism of that magical aesthetic! Admittedly her waist looks pinched in the stills and marketing artwork in THAT dress but the costume designer has stated for the record that the hemline is a staggering 2 meters. This volume of material would be enough to give Jabba The Hut a Disney Princess silhouette. Add to that the fact that she is either wearing a corset or the dress itself is heavily structured and most likely boned vertically from boob to waist. It’s a standard get up for that type of character in that type of dress in that type of scene.

What’s more concerning is why the masses and media naysayers are not focusing on the positive character traits being drawn out and proudly displayed by this re-vamped, modern flavoured Cinders. Lily James’ Cinderella is not the Cinderella we’ve known from our childhoods. The downtrodden, secret beauty, wallowing away at the fire place and kitchen sink, lamenting her dear departed father and silently suffering the wrath of her new siblings and fiendish new mother – all the while charmingly whistling or humming away wishing for her prince to sweep in and save her. Far from it! This girl first encounters her man whilst on horse back, riding like what seemed like a cross between a Kamikaze pilot and Mel Gibson from Brave Heart. She rescues a stag the Prince and his team have been hunting, expresses her disdain for his ‘sport’ and when confronted by his rather limp justification retorts with “just because it’s what is done, doesn’t mean it should be done” – now there is a line that should chime resonance with all of us in this day and age. As if she wasn’t already scoring mega points on my ‘Disney’s Sassiest’ list, she ups the ante again. When asked who she is and will they meet again, instead of playing the typical coy card and sheepishly staring back from under Princess Diana-esque doey eyes. She knows her worth and plays her worth instructing him “Never mind what they call me” and informing him that her current situation is ‘not his fault’ . Another point to take note of here boys and girls, if you’re looking for your happy ever after in today’s dating game. But this isn’t what secured my bum on a seat for this movie. What did it for me is the undeniable narrative that this is not a girl that needs saving. Quite the opposite, when Cindy discovers the unsavoury and exploitative designs that her step mother and step sisters have in store for her man ie pinning him down and marrying into the royal family, SHE decides to put her (soon to be glass coated) foot down and step up! SHE sets about saving her Prince. And quite frankly SHE kicks ass and maintains her air of pure class. So I ask the question again. Why are you hating on girlfriend’s body and her wardrobe? Instead of celebrating her sass and her strength of character. If you could do me the hugest favour before you flick through to our next article on, please read that last line again….

Why are you hating on girlfriend’s body and her wardrobe? Instead of celebrating her sass and her strength of character?

Yes I’ve not referenced ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’ – it works both ways guys.

Now, I’m off to find some glitzy ‘A’ list ball to gatecrash.

Written by CelebMix