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Things Get Pretty Shaken Up On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

The latest episode of Bachelor In Paradise was one of the craziest and most drama-filled episodes we’ve seen thus far on the current 5th season. There was yelling and fighting, and at one point, the contestants started to throw drinks on one another.

Bachelor In Paradise is a reality TV show that is based on The Bachelor that features some contestants that did not receive a rose from their bachelor or bachelorette. Contestants from various bachelor and bachelorette seasons arrive in paradise, which is located in Mexico, and they receive a second chance at finding love.

Spoilers ahead.

On the August 28th episode, most of the couples formed and the other unlucky men and women were desperate for a rose. If a person did not receive a rose at the rose ceremony, they wee asked to leave. Since the women had the power to send people home, 3 men were sent packing.

Most of the drama happened the night of the rose ceremony. If you haven’t watched the show, we suggest that you get caught up!

One of the many dramatic moments of the episode was when Leo said that Kendall was full of s**t and was also saying rude things about Joe (who also likes Kendall).

This was when Joe got upset and and then Leo threw a drink on him. The fight was then broken up by security, who also escorted Leo out. There are a lot of intense moments that lead up to the fight. You can read a full recap of the episode here.

Watch a preview below.

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