Things to Consider When Buying a Bedroom Furniture Set

While searching for and purchasing one-off items such as a bed or dresser can present somewhat of a challenge, the task of buying multiple pieces at one time can be daunting and challenging.

With that in mind, we’ve brought together the most important features and details you’ll want to consider when selecting your ideal bedroom furniture set.

Does the set include essential pieces for functionality?

Bedroom sets come in a range of configurations to serve certain purposes. If you are starting from scratch in furnishing your bedroom, you’ll want to consider at least a 5-piece bedroom furniture set or more. The five pieces most commonly included in the set will be the bed without mattress/boxsprings, twin nightstands, and dresser with mirror. The pieces above are essentials and must-haves for organization and function to store clothing and personal items and to promote restful sleep.

If you already have a dresser and mirror but need other essentials, you’ll find 3-piece sets include bed and twin nightstands. Or if you have a bed, you can purchase the dresser and nightstands in a matching set.

Are the materials high-quality?

Bedroom furniture set styles made of wood can range in price and quality. For those who wish to purchase a lasting set of heirloom quality will want to look for solid wood bedroom sets made from hardy woods such as oak, mahogany or walnut and finely finished with hardy stain or natural wax applied.

Another quality aspect to consider will be the hardware on the case goods such as drawer pulls, hinges, and drawer mechanisms. Nickel, brass, and iron are ideal materials used for hardware with lasting beauty and durability.

If the bed features an upholstered head or footboard, make sure the fabric, eco-leather or leather used is made for the rigors of use. You’ll be sitting up in bed with your head and back often resting on the headboard, is the fabric going to repel hair products and body oils that can transfer?

Are the pieces expertly crafted?

The more expensive bedroom furniture set styles you’ll find will often be handcrafted by expert artisans using centuries-old furniture making techniques. These pieces feature hand joinery and decorative features not found in mass-produced machine-made sets. If you want a set to last for generations to come, choose one that is handmade.

What style will suit your space?

For lovers of modern design, a bedroom set with clean lines and a platform style bed will be ideal. They meld beautifully across contemporary, minimalist, and transitional style decors.

For more traditional tastes, a set with large four poster bed or canopy will surely speak to your classic sense of design. Solid hardwood bedroom sets feature decorous details meant for a semi-formal or formal style bedroom.

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Written by CelebMix