This Digital Art Superstar Is Finally Launching His Big Collection

The NFT world has been anticipating Jose Arias’ first NFT collection for a long time. The Peruvian artist with high profile fans in the tech industry is about to launch one of the most impressive projects seen to date.

Over the course of only a couple of years, the NFT sector has grown into a multi billion dollar industry. The once so secluded world of art is now a worldwide community, open for pretty much everyone at legal age to purchase the popular collectable pieces. As a result artists gain full control over sales, royalties and marketing. And beyond that are able to form a community without borders. No matter where in the world and what background, you can be part.

Peruvian artist Jose Arias is on of the superstars in the digital art world, his 3D creations have been for hailing from screens all over the world for years. Only logical he was one of the first figures people turned to as the sensation of NFT collections grew from a movement to an industry. One of his latest commercial projects was the world wide Spotify ‘Monsters’ collaboration, showing his 3D minions.

Clients of that nature, and Jose Arias has a long list of those, put his work into a context of modern pop culture.

Highly Relevant Pieces Available For Fans & Collectors

In the past it has been difficult to define historic moments in art’s development in real time. This has changed, and it is clear we are currently witnessing pop culture as it happens. Arias’ artistic work is highly relevant, with growing anticipation of his  upcoming launch of ‘Puff World’. The extremely detailed project includes 10.000 unique characters designed by the artist, his ‘Puffs’. Made to take over the metaverse, Arias’ ‘Puff World’ is for everyone.

What’s exclusive, is the sense of community among the owners of these special collection’s pieces. Merchandise and prioritized information on upcoming collaborations only strengthen that feeling, which turns ‘Puff World’ into one of those modern phenomenons.

Jose Arias’ life work in 3D is definitely not one to miss out on, so keep your eyes on its channels in April, which is when we are expecting the project to go live.


Written by Digital Nod