This spring’s best TV series

Many people are in agreement that we’re in something of a golden age of television thanks to series like Breaking Bad offering rich and detailed storylines for viewers to lose themselves in.

And with the new streaming capacities offered by the likes of Netflix, even gaming companies like Betway are getting involved by providing special welcome bonuses for games based on some of the hit characters. So if you don’t want to miss out on some of the best series of the season, here are the ones that we’d recommend.

Game of Thrones

One of the biggest titles in recent years is definitely Game of Thrones. This fantasy epic that features a cast of characters with unwieldy names and ridiculously complex plots has quickly become something of a cult classic. And the sixth season looks to return to Sky Atlantic on 25 April that will undoubtedly appease many fantasy fans in advance of the series’ creator George R. R. Martin’s long-awaited book.


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

Stan Lee has certainly provided us with many weird and wonderful characters through the Marvel universe, but his Lucky Man series is a little closer to Earth as it follows a humble police officer who suddenly gains the power to control his luck through a mystical bracelet. This provides Sky 1 with an ample opportunity to cash in on the growing online casino craze that has been given a helping hand by Betway’s welcome bonus meaning that the new gambling environment has increasingly become a mainstream activity with games of roulette and poker now playable on mobile devices.



Another Marvel-linked series is Daredevil that returns to Netflix on 18 March and has already been gathering hype due to its action-packed teaser that introduces characters like Elektra and The Punisher. The first series became a huge hit thanks to its darker and more mature interpretation of the traditional comic-book themes of crime and vengeance, and already the second series is looking pretty explosive!



However, there are TV series that deal with more earthly themes as witnessed in Martin Scorsese’s much-hyped Vinyl. This has been running on HBO over the past month and has already received much acclaim due to its gritty portrayal of the record industry operating in New York in the 1970s. A big part of the reason why the series has gained so much exposure is thanks to the involvement of the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger who probably helped the writers deliver an extra level of realism in the sex and drugs portrayed in the series!



Not to be outdone in the musical TV entertainment sphere is Empire. Starring Terrence Howard, the hit series looks to continue to grip audiences with its highly-enjoyable look at the life of a hip-hop impresario who has to juggle his business aspirations with the diverse factions of his chaotic family. And with plenty of violence, crime, casinos and a great soundtrack, it looks to be a bonus reason to turn on your television this spring.


Written by CelebMix