Three One Direction Remixes We Wish There Was A Studio Version For

The guys of One Direction have fooled around with a couple of their songs quite a bit over the last few years and from what we’ve heard, we’ve loved every single version. From well thought up raps to just changing the rhythm and tempo to a song, we feel like we’ve pretty much heard it all. The only upsetting thing, is that none of these different song versions were actually recorded and released to the world.

And so our hearts (as well as many Directioners around the globe), may not ever feel the rush of a studio recorded remix; a remix that the guys managed to make up on the spot. That’s why we’ve brought to you a small list of three of our favourite remixes, we wish the guys released as studio versions.

Featuring not one but two different versions of Drag Me Down (with late night talk show host James Corden), and the reggae version of Last First Kiss, which made swoon all over again when we rewatched the band’s 3D movie, This Is Us (2013).

Drag Me Down Remix No. 1 (with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke)

Drag Me Down Remix No. 2 (with James Corden on The London Session)

Last First Kiss Reggae Mix

What is your favourite 1D remix, and do you agree that these remixes should be recorded and released? Let us know your thoughts over on our twitter, by tweeting us @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D.

Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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