Three Reasons Why We Love Arden Rose

Arden Rose, a 21-year-old woman living in Los Angeles, posted her first YouTube video back in 2009. Since then, her channel has become filled with videos and vlogs, along with over 1.4 million subscribers.

Here are three reasons for why we admire Arden –– and why we think you should, too!

3. Her beauty tips are simple yet stunning.

The first posted video on Arden’s channel is about how to get your hair to grow longer and faster. Almost seven years later, Arden continues to post beauty tips and tutorials on her channel.

Perhaps what is most loved about Arden’s beauty videos are the simplicity of them. More than often, she goes for natural make-up looks –– not because she is against make-up, but because that’s what she likes. Whether it’s the coral-pink lipliner in her “GET READY WITH ME DATE NIGHT” video, or the red eyeshadow in her “My Everyday Makeup Routine | Spring 2016″ video, Arden is bound to share her honest favorites, whether it is a “trend” or not.

Arden remains an inspiring beauty and fashion role model for her viewers because what she puts on is not to impress the opinions of other people; the only person’s opinion about her makeup and outfit that matters is her own.

2. Her deadpan humor will put a smile on your face.

There is something amazing and genuine about Arden’s sense of humor. No matter what sort of day one may be having, she is bound to make one smile with a witty joke or a sarcastic comment.

Arden knows how to cleverly tie in a theme or a part of her videos to deliver some humor. While that usually means that she’ll jest for a few seconds, like when she questioned the capabilities of the Sonicare toothbrush’s chargeable glass, sometimes Arden will go even further with the amusement.

In her “Thanks, I Just Threw It On!”, Arden relates the struggles that a woman (or anyone, really) may go through to get ready for a date. Through ironic statements and deadpan commentary, the short film becomes something incredibly noteworthy and very Arden-Rose-like. Everyone can enjoy Arden’s videos –– there’s a little comedy in them for everyone to appreciate!

1. Arden gives the BEST advice.

For her hundreds upon thousands of viewers, Arden Rose delivers important advice and tips not just about beauty or fashion, but about truly loving yourself and getting through life. Especially for those of younger generations, Arden gives real-life guidance by relating her own life, both through events from the past and present, and also will put a societal point of view into her words –– that is, what society thinks should and shouldn’t be accepted.

In one of her videos titled “Why I Never Had Girlfriends.“, Arden relays her school experiences with her female friends at school and how the opinions of themselves and others affected her. A feminist, Arden especially converses in the video how the different genders affected each other and could either bring up or bring down the self-esteem of herself and her peers. Her advice relates to not just girls, and not just boys –– it relates to everyone.

“I’m speaking to people who felt like me in high school and felt like you were betrayed by your own gender. That’s just not true,” Arden says in the video. “People are people, regardless of what gender they are. People are people.”


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Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.