Three Reasons Why We Love Callux

Callum McGinly, more commonly known as “Callux” on YouTube, is a British YouTuber with over 1,300,000 subscribers. He has been making videos since 2012 and has been successful ever since! As it is Callum’s birthday today we thought that we would write some reasons why we love him! We could go on forever with reasons but we narrowed it down to three, so here you go!

  1. His generosity

Callum is a very generous man, he regularly does giveaways to treat his fans. Back in December, he gave away iPhones and Xbox’s to people as a Christmas gift! Last year he also took a fan all the way to Chicago and visited someone in their house and filmed a video with him! By doing things like this, Callum shows how much he cares about the people who are there for him and brings even more joy to people by giving back.

  1. He interacts with fans

Unlike some, Callux interacts with his fans almost every day through Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and, well, it really cheers people up! Whether it’s a happy birthday or get well soon he is very kind and respectful to his fans. With all the different events, videos and interactions he has with his amazing fans, he is a massive influence to many. Although he might not see it, he has helped create a community of loving people who look up to him on a daily basis.

  1. His videos

How could we not love his videos? Callum uploads a huge variety of videos, from public interviews and pranks to letting his girlfriend shave his head in a test to see how well he knew her. Whatever video he uploads, we are guaranteed to be crying of laughter! One of our favourites is Brutal Girlfriend Challenge which ends up in Callum going pretty much bald. We absolutely love all of his videos with his friends and Sarah (his girlfriend) we couldn’t think of anything better to watch to make us laugh!

We really recommend that you go check out his channel, which you can do here!

Overall, we would love to wish Callum an amazing 24th birthday and the best of luck in the future with his channel…and hair growth! What do you love about Callux? Tweet us @CelebMix on Twitter.

Written by CelebMix