Three Reasons Why We Love Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark, also known as Doddleoddle, is a British YouTuber who is spreading her love of music all around. With over 565,000 subscribers on both her channels she is making a big impact to many peoples lives. We decided we would put a list together of three reasons why we love Dodie, so here you go!

1. She has a lot of talent

Mostly known on YouTube for being the queen of ukulele, she also has a lot of other talents. As well as the ukulele Dodie can play piano, both electric and acoustic piano, Dr Pepper bottles and has the voice of an angel! Yep, this young lady has a lot of talent. As well as all of her musical talents she is also a great actor and occasionally does little sketches with her friends like TomSka and TimH films. Theses videos are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

2. Dodie’s original songs

If you go onto her channel it is clear to see that she has A LOT of original songs, and a lot is an understatement. The songs she writes cover a wide range of subjects from messy flats to falling in love with a girl, to feeling down and little mosquitos! There is a song to fill every mood and everyone.

3. How she uses her platform to speak out

On both of he channels Dodie speaks out about many subjects such as how to deal with anxiety on public transport, depression, dealing with rejection and sexual abuse. She uses her platforms to share stories about her personal experiences and how to get help. Although many people do this, she does it in a way it feels as if you are having a one to one conversation with her, making it even more special to people, especially those dealing with subjects she talks about. By doing this Dodie is helping a lot of people despite her not knowing, her message of “it gets better” is really true.

We really recommended that you go and check out some of her videos as they are super funny and heartwarming!




Written by CelebMix