Throw a party like a celebrity

Looking to host a great party? Do it like a celebrity and give your event a fun theme. 

Themed parties a huge hit with guests, while also being really fun to organise. These kinds of parties result in great photos, and are also a way of getting your guests in the party mood, even before they’ve reached your front door!

We’ve compiled some of the top theme ideas to get you excited for your next big bash. 

Black and White 

When rapper Sean Combs, better known as P Diddy, decided to throw a 40th birthday party for himself of course, he did it in style. There’s nothing like a black and white themed party to really bring glamour and sophistication to your event. And while P Diddy hosted his birthday at the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel in New York (and reportedly spent $28,000 on white orchids for it), you can recreate your own black and white themed party from the comfort of your home. 

First off, make sure your guests know the theme. You don’t want anyone showing up in a bright pink or blue! Luckily, most people have some kind of black and white formalwear in their closet — just indicate on the invitation that this is a smart event. No jeans allowed!

Decorations for a black and white party can include everything from flowers and feathers, to elaborate centerpieces and balloons. You can really elevate the glamour by offering your guests black and white half masks to wear throughout the party. It’s an easy way to set the tone of the event, and really ties the whole thing together. 


Bring the excitement of the bingo hall to your event by hosting your very own bingo party. Start out by making your own bingo cards or buying some from a site like Amazon or Etsy. Make sure you have a variety of dabbers too — buy them in fun colours, and let each guest pick their favourite! 

Bingo-themed drinks, cupcakes coloured like balls and decorations all add the atmosphere of a bingo party. And don’t forget to choose a great prize for the winner! 

Great Gatsby 

Following the release of the 2013 film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and based off the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, it seemed like Great Gatsby parties were everywhere. And there’s good reason why. A Great Gatsby-themed party is all about getting glammed up and living like you’re aristocrats from the 1920s. Even celebrities have got involved. Famous mom the Kardashians, Kris Jenner hosted a Great Gatsby-themed 60th birthday, with flapper girl styles, swing bands and luxurious floral displays. 

When you’re planning the party, make sure your guests know to arrive in style — it’s a particularly fun theme for photos, so hire a photographer and complete the celebrity experience. Think feathers, boas and all things over the top!

Festival theme 

From Coachella to Glastonbury, festivals are some of the most exciting events of the year for both partygoers and celebrities. Kim Kardashian even hosted her own Kidchella for her daughter North West, which included face painting, snow cones, a Ferris wheel and of course, personalised Yeezus tees. 

You don’t need to be a Kardashian to host a fun-filled, festival-themed party. Provide your guests with face paint, glitter and sparklers. If you have an outdoor space, deck it out with fairy lights. And then of course, there’s the music. Make sure you’ve got a great playlist built in advance so that the dancing and fun can last all day long. Or, take your party to the next level by hiring a DJ to perform for guests. 


When it comes to fancy dress, Halloween is one of the best times of year. Celebrities all over the world host their own Halloween parties — model Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash is one of the biggest in Hollywood. 

Most guests will know to dress up to a Halloween event. Make sure you’ve got the spooky atmosphere right by keeping the lights low, decorating the space full of cobwebs and renting a fog machine. Play a scary soundtrack with some classic Halloween tracks like Monster Mash. Finally, serve up some Halloween-themed food and drink — try making blood orange punch served from a cauldron, and treats like witches’ fingers and candy corn!

Jungle Party 

Looking for something a little out of the box? Try a jungle-themed party for your next big event! Perfect for kids and adults alike, a jungle party takes all the fun of a safari and brings it to the comforts of your own home or chosen venue. 

The most important element of a jungle theme? The animals! Animal decorations, toys and even masks will add a really unique element to the day. Try to keep the decor as green as you can — you want to mimic the appearance of rainforests, so cutting leaf shapes out of cardboard and hanging lots of streamers will really add to the atmosphere. 

A Retro Throwback 

The great thing about a retro party is you can do so many variations. Start out by choosing a popular decade, like the ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s — and build out the theme from there. Keep the soundtrack related to whatever generation you’ve got in mind. And ask your guests to dress up to fit the theme. This is one of the easier themes for partygoers to get involved in as many may have pieces of their outfit already or can source them from charity and fancy-dress shops!

For an added feature for a retro throwback party try renting out a photo booth! It’s a fantastic way to add an extra element to your party, and your guests can bring home keepsakes from the party. Many photo booths now offer a digital service so you can post all the photos online right away!

Celebrities are a big fan of retro throwbacks. Beyoncé even held her own 35th Soul Train Birthday Party — bringing the glamour of the ‘70s soul train era to modern-day!

Written by Monella