Throwback Thursday – Michael Jackson performs at Super Bowl XXVII

Welcome to our latest feature ‘Throwback Thursday’, where each week we’ll be reminiscing about a defining moment in pop history, whether it be a musical release or a memorable performance. The nineties and noughties were such an integral time in music so please do join us each week as we celebrate those moments of yesteryear.

For our first piece, let’s take it back to January 1993. Bill Wyman left The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley was commemorated on a postage stamp and most importantly history was made when The King of Pop put on a spectacular Super Bowl halftime performance, at The Rose Bowl in California on January 31, 1993.

Nowadays, the Super Bowl halftime performance is an integral part of the game, for some almost as news worthy as the event itself.  Michael Jackson’s appearance was surprisingly the first high profile performance and was a roaring success, setting the precedent for future performers.

Although Super Bowl performers do not receive payment, NFL donated $100,000 to MJ’s ‘Heal The World Foundation’ as well as a commercial TV spot to help support the charity.

Although we’ve had many entertaining halftime spots in the past, we don’t think anybody can hold a candle to the legend that is Michael Jackson. There was something so powerful and authentic in the way he performed as displayed in his Super Bowl set.

An icon, who will forever be missed. We shall continue to watch his influence in the music industry and its next generation.

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Written by byaregal

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