Throwback Thursday One Direction Edition: Their first Tweets

If you’re anything like us, you’re missing the One Direction lads pretty terribly as we navigate through the second year of their hiatus. While they’ve been working on their solo projects and still staying in the public eye on a semi-constant basis, it’s unlike anything fans of One Direction have experienced before, not having a tour or album or new music videos to look forward to.

For this reason, we thought it would be fun to start looking at the history, so far, that fans have shared with One Direction with a series of throwback articles! We’ll look at fun Tweets, posts on Instagram, group photos, music videos, tour diaries, and a whole lot more as we navigate through the last six years.

We decided to start with their first ever Tweets. For some of us, this can be an embarrassing moment to look back on, for others, it’s an accurate representation of who we still are. Sometimes, our first Tweet shows us being a super fan of someone else. For Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry – there’s a mix of all of the above, which comes as no surprise to us at all.

Welcome to the beginning of our stroll down memory lane, we look forward to recounting One Direction’s history with you.


Ah, home. You can make of this one what you will, we know what we make of it here.


Louis being a fan for his first Tweet, we relate, I mean…we’ve sent a number of tweets telling him that he’s our favorite too.


Liam is the real Liam Payne and he wanted to make sure we knew it.


Oh, Niall, it’s no secret that he’s a big Justin Bieber fan, but this is just too cute. Niall’s first ever Tweet was a retweet of Justin Bieber. This is just incredibly fitting if you ask us. We’re endeared.


Zayn, like Liam, thought his first Tweet would be best used announcing his online presence. We agree, it’s a pretty big deal.

Do any of these first tweets surprise you? Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.