The Tide Perform As A Three Piece

Yes, you did read our headline right. Tonight (24th), CelebMix favourites The Tide took to the stage as a trio rather than the well-loved quartet formation.

Three dates into their Click My Fingers tour and The Tide have been hit with more illnesses than some bands get in their career. From Austin Corini’s throat infection to Levi Jones almost breaking his foot, now drummer Nate Parker was taken to hospital ahead of their Bournemouth performance.

The Tide Perform As A Three Piece 2

We think someone’s missing from behind the drumkit guys? Photo Credit: Emma Soteriou

With little solid information on the situation, all we know for sure is that Nate was visited by a doctor (as tweeted below) during the band’s VIP Meet and Greet then was taking to hospital following on from this. Rumours have circulated that an insect bite led to his leg swelling but these have not been confirmed.

As it stands nothing has been tweeted to give fans an update on the situation, hopefully meaning that no news is good news for their loyal fanbase.

We at CelebMix who were at the show (which highlights of can been on our Snapchat: CelebMix) want to commend The Tide for their valiant effort during this undesirable situation. The trio performed with passionate energy and their usual dose of onstage humour, making it at times hard to notice the absence of Nate. No band ever wants to play without a band member, but even Levi Jones commented that without Nate it was still their favourite show of the tour! Fingers crossed Nate will be back and fighting fit for tomorrow’s show in Reading.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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