The Tide Release ‘Put The Cuffs On Me’ Music Video

Earlier this morning, Wonderland magazine premiered the release of The Tide’s official music video for their new track, Put The Cuffs On Me.

The song, which the band released on March 31st, is their third single following both Young Love and Click My Fingers and we love it!

Watch The Tide’s Music Video For ‘Put The Cuffs On Me’ Here:


The video was filmed in London a few weeks ago and includes some lucky fans that got to join the band as part of the project.

Throughout the visual, we see the band performing in a warehouse as fans, gradually, come out of hiding to hear them. There’s a slow build as the crowd of people come closer and closer, before running forward to join the band at the end. The final scene is enough to leave you with a smile on your face; as you see the group of fans join The Tide and begin jumping around, enjoying the music together.

 The response from fans has been amazing:

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Written by Emma Soteriou

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