TikTok star Jamie Raine smashes records on social media for Coldplay’s #hugyourdogchallenge

TikTok star Jamie Raine is setting viral trends on social media by connecting artists and brands to his more than 800k followers on the platform. 

A fast rising star on social media, Jamie Raine’s meteoric rise on TikTok has earned him large brand deals and collaborations with some of the world’s top hip-hop artists and bands including Coldplay. 

For Coldplay’s latest challenge with their classic hit song ‘Sparks’, Raine created a video to encourage his large community of followers to hug their dogs using the track. In a few short hours the song went viral across the platform with more 48.9k videos being uploaded of people hugging their dogs in response to the challenge. 

The viral success of the campaign has so far led to more than 650 million total views across TikTok, propelling the track globally – and featuring in people’s ‘For you page’. The eye-watering impact of the campaign is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating massive, global trends through TikTok – and the music industry is taking note. 

Over the past year, Jamie Raine’s viral videos have captivated audiences, with the young TikTok star setting trends through his short and impactful videos. Recently, Raine shared some of his insights on his success with the publication of a bestselling book on Amazon, including some of his tactics to grow a following. The 20-year-old is also a dance/electronic and hip-hop producer, creating tracks for other artists. In response to popular demand from his followers, he released a guide on how to create music with FL studio, helping young music producers develop their own tracks while encouraging his fans to follow their dreams. 

Jamie Raine’s latest collaboration includes a campaign with Boohoo on the Quavo collection which has also set trends on TikTok. The social media star teamed up with America rapper Quavo Huncho to release a video challenge to help generate brand awareness for the collection, and the artist’s work. 

To discover Jamie Raine’s latest videos visit his TikTok channel and listen to his recent songs here

Written by CelebMix