TikTok star Jharna Bhagwani delivers a hypnotic take on the world of alt-pop in her debut single ‘Tell Me’

Just having turned 19 years old, Jharna Bhagwani has released her hypnotising debut single “Tell Me”, in which she enlisted the help of Eka Gustiwana from EDM group ‘Weird Genius’. This track features mid-tempo arrangements with a dark experimental pop nuance, that showcases Jharna’s interesting take on the complexity of Pop.

“I shared a few song references and lyrics I’ve written to Kak Eka in early June 2021,” Jharna says on the release of the song. “Due to the pandemic, we brainstormed and shared ideas online. Then in early August, we started recording. So it took about two months for the whole process.”

Jharna’s encounter with Eka started when her video makeup tutorial and lip-sync #LathiChallenge went viral on TikTok and Instagram. Jharna initiated and expressed her long-time dream of music, which was welcomed positively by Eka.

“Art has become my channel for exploration and experiment. I enjoy playing different characters,” Jharna continues. “I create concepts, messages, and how I want them to be perceived. People have seen my work in makeup videos. This time, I have the opportunity to express my alter-ego in a different form, a song and music video,” she continues.

“Tell Me” follows a conflict of betrayal, anxiety, and loss of trust as the effect of a controlling partner and that sugar-coated relationship full of lies. Jharna hopes music enthusiasts will appreciate her newest creation. Yet the main highlight is the message of this song, that no one deserves to be in a toxic relationship.

Fantastic first outing for Jharna, that leaves you wanting more.

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