Tips for Finally Consolidating and Organizing Your Contacts

Tired of constantly scrolling through endless contact lists on your phone, only to learn that the contact you’re looking for isn’t even listed on your phone? If this sounds familiar, then know that you’re not alone. Luckily, we’re here to help by giving you a few tips on how to finally start organizing your contacts.

Ready to transform your contacts list into the ultimate social network right in the palm of your hands? Continue reading below to learn more.

Confront the Email Address-Only Contacts

For those who have an Android and use Google, you may have noticed that there are some contacts in your phone that are email address-only contacts. This is due to one of Google’s features that adds the people who you email into your contact list either as an added way to contact a preexisting name or as a new contact altogether. Although this seems like a frustrating feature to have when you’re wanting to clean up your contact list, it’s nice when you’re going to send an email and Google remembers past contacts.

To delete the contacts that you don’t want, go to and go to the “Other Contacts” section. Here you can delete any contacts that Google added for you and you also have the option to switch this feature off.

Merge All Duplicate Entries

The next thing to do is to merge all duplicate entries together to create one solid contact. You don’t need one entry for someone’s phone number, another one for their email address, and a third one for their Facebook account. All you need is one solid contact for that person where each one of these is listed below it.

Because this process might take a good amount of time to do by hand if you have a lot of contacts, newer phones now have a feature on the phone that allows you to merge all duplicates. If you have an older phone, there are contact merging apps that you can download that will get the job done as well.

Create One Cloud-Based Address Book

Choose one cloud-based address book for a Google Contacts sync. This is where all of your contacts from every location will be synced into one. These cloud-based solutions work to fill in the gaps between different cloud applications.

The cloud-based address book will sync contacts in real-time between your marketing applications and your CRM applications. It’s a way to bring your personal contacts together with your professional contacts in one place without getting them mixed up. You can then share these contacts for business reasons or personal reasons.

Organizing Your Contacts: Do a Final Sweep

Once you successfully place all of your contacts into one safe place, you can then do a final sweep and clear out your contacts. Following these easy steps is a sure way to finally start organizing your contacts list! And for more tips and tricks, be sure to visit our blog daily!

Written by CelebMix