Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher Announces A New Arrival

Earlier today, Tom Fletcher dropped a video on us out of nowhere. He tweeted ‘My video is live in an hour… It’s called LIVE FROM THE DELIVERY ROOM!’. This caused a load of chaos and hype on twitter as everyone waited in anticipation to see what this video would be! Would we be finally seeing little Buddy or seeing his wife Gi give birth? No one really knew until the video went live.

The video starts with a black screen with the words ‘PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE SALES CONFERENCE FEBRUARY 16TH 2015’. After staring at that for what was only eight seconds but felt like hours the video moved to a woman giving a speech. “Hopefully, Tom Fletcher is well known to you all” of course we do we are all thinking where this video was going. The woman goes on to say how Tom was meant to be there but his wife, Gi, had gone into labour!

The video then cuts to Tom in a hospital room with Gi in the background when he starts to explain about his new book which is called ‘The Christmasaurus’. It’s about a boy named William and a dinosaur christmasaurus and how they meet one Christmas eve and have a magical adventure. Including families, friendships, Santa and sleigh bells, singing elves and music and magic, it is a book about finding your true desire.

Tom then goes to say how he has been writing music for his novel to help bring the story ti life. As Gi went into labour bringing the beautiful Buddy into the world he couldn’t be at the event which he planned to sing one of the songs at it.

Tom goes on to sing a song which is “Santa’s favourite Christmas song” and it is a jolly, catchy and really brings the Christmas spirit alive. He skips through the hospital playing his famous pink ukulele with members of staff joining in and a group of six children to top it all off!

The video ends with Santa helping Gi give birth to a massive egg which says ‘hatching winter 2016’. If you want to check out this lovely heartwarming and exciting video you can here:

Frankly, we can not wait until the book is released and are looking forward to reading it and seeing the progress of the book! We also want to congratulate Tom and Gi on the arrival of Buddy and the great news of the new book!

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Written by CelebMix