Tom Fletcher shares adorable Bump to Buddy video

Recently the Fletchers welcomed their new baby Buddy into the world and Tom has once again stunned us with another fantastic song and video! When Buzz was born in 2014 we were treated to the video ‘from Bump to Buzz’ and we now have a new one to watch and be in awe at.

The video starts with Gi when she was three months pregnant and it follows her growing bigger and bigger with little Buddy getting ready to enter the world. The adorable video shows Tom and Buzz in Buzz’s cot watching in wonder as Gi grows bigger. The couple took a video almost every day throughout the pregnancy, all the commitment definitely paid off!

Tom worked his magic once again writing a fabulous song about how the baby is growing inside of Gi. We have the song stuck in our head and we know you will to after watching this video!

The video ends with Gi walking off at nine months pregnant and an excited Buzz and Tom waving goodbye. Soon after, Tom and Buzz hop out of the cot and meet the beautiful new Buddy. The happy family stands there together all as one, Tom holding Buzz and Gi holding the precious Buddy. This is the first time Buddy as be seen, and he is a very handsome baby!

If you want to watch this video, which we highly recommend, you can here:

We would like to congratulate the family once again on their new bundle of joy and to Tom, writing yet another brilliant song and taking our hearts away!

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Written by CelebMix