Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres Have A Conversation As Woody and Dory

Tom Hanks visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed his role of Woody, from the animated films, Toy Story. The host, Ellen DeGeneres, who is also a voice actress, lends her voice to Dory from Finding Dory.

Since both their characters are from the Pixar universe, the two imagined what it would be like if Woody and Dory ever met.

Hanks and DeGeneres then ask the members of the audience to close their eyes as they hold a conversation as their characters.

They playfully went back and forth as their characters, with their lines sounding as if they came straight out of their movies!

Watch Ellen and Tom Hanks Have A Pixar-Off!

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Cover Photo Credits: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

Written by Michele Mendez

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