Tom Holland announced as the new Spider-Man

Nineteen year old British actor, Tom Holland, has been announced as taking on the role of Spider-Man. The Impossible actor is looking to take the Spider-Man franchise right back to its young high school beginnings, after Andrew Garfield was let go by Sony apparently after Garfield insulted Sony chief Kaz Hirai by snubbing him last summer in Rio de Janeiro at a big Sony gala celebrating the end of the World Cup.

Holland was one of six young actors being considered for the role, three of whom were British, the most notable being Asa Butterfield; star of Hugo and Ender’s Game.

Tom is first likely to appear as a cameo role in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America sequel, Civil War; with standalone films to follow. Sony announced a partnership deal with Marvel in February, therefore allowing the character to integrate with Marvel heroes on screen.

28 July 2017 marks the release date of the first standalone Spider-Man, to be directed by Jon Watts.

Written by CelebMix