Tommy Boi Releases New Song “Holiday”

Tommy Boi auditioned for American Idol season twelve and received his golden ticket. Though he didn’t make it far, his social media presence and his fanbase has grew to large numbers. In hopes of fulfilling his music dreams, Tommy released a track with Monicalaire titled “helium”, under the name Brett Patterson, and has since then rebranded to “Tommy” and now, one final rebranding “Tommy Boi”. Tommy released his debut EP “Beauty Is Everywhere” which is four amazing songs Tommy written and recorded. Tommy just recently released his latest single, “Holiday,” which has a totally different sound in todays music industry.

“Holiday” has that driving slowly in LA thinking about life feel. With it’s slow, smooth, sexy sound, “Holiday” will defintely ease you and relax you if you’re feeling stressed, or in love. “Watching a sunset on the fire” Tommy sings in the verse, thinking about life, “I’ve been sitting here for a minute, never felt so alive.” “You got me feeling like holiday,” Tommy then croons over someone he loves in the chorus. With electric guitars and synthesizers that will make you feel “alive.” The song is one for those that are madly in love but don’t know how to express those feelings. If you want to figure out how to express them, we highly suggest listening to “Holiday.”

Take a listen to “Holiday” now!

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Written by Will Heffernan