Top 10 celebs who love to play bingo

It is not out of place to say that every one of us may have played bingo at some point in our lives. And here we are, talking about the rich and famous.

Most of them are aware of what other people enjoy when they spend time on the bingo tables. They know that there is always fun, while the chance to enjoy real cash prizes could also arise. Some of the most famous celebrities have won some money for keeps through the game, while others tend to play to raise money for some charity organizations they identify with.

A list of the top 10 celebrities that love to play bingo is given below. These are people who enjoy time at bingo halls as much as you do. You can trust in to find you the best bingo sites with games of the online variety of the ones these famous faces have been known to enjoy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

This actress from Wales started loving bingo from a very tender age. Prior to her fame, she developed her own bingo halls and bingo cards out of her love for the game and her towering creativity. She did this so she can play whenever she wishes. When she got married to Michael Douglas, they decided to maintain the tradition, organizing family bingo games during the holidays with cards that are custom designed by them for the occasions.

Kate Moss

She has been a fan of bingo games for most of her life. Before she delved into acting and modeling, and prior to her habit of spending a lot of time at night cubs, she was a regular bingo player when she was in England. To date, she is still in love with the game, though she prefers to enjoy online bingo with the kids during the weekends.

Russell Crowe

Currently, many people see Russell Crowe as one of the best actors of the moment. Though he is always busy, he still manages to spend time out for bingo games at different intervals. Before the Australian born celebrity hit fame on the international scene, he regularly called bingo while in Australia.

Robbie Williams

This British actors’ love for bingo is not debatable. He loves the game to the extent that he always invites fellow stars to join him in playing to raise funds for charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Babies with AIDS. He normally plays bingo and calls the game with his friends at public events. They sometimes organize them in their homes in a bid to raise some money for charity.

Mick Jagger

The majority of people that love bingo games were amazed when they learnt that the front man of the Rolling Stones is a lover of the game. But why are they surprised? Bingo is for all. He lives in an exclusive neighborhood, and his neighbors and friends are aware of the regular large bingo parties he’s been known to throw at his luxurious Richmond home.


This is the next big rock star on the list and it tells a lot. The Irish rock star is a member of U2 and part-owned a local cafe that also served as a bingo hall. Mr. Pussey’s Café in Dublin turns into a bingo hall when food is not being served, and Bono normally comes down to enjoy bingo games, in the past turning up with supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington whenever that is the case.

Sharon Osbourne

She is in love with bingo gaming. This is so deep that people in her circle and the majority of her bingo enthusiast friends see her as a very informed fellow when it comes to bingo matters. This got to the extent that Sharon developed her own online bingo site in the bid to ensure that what she feels for the game is shared with others.

Denise Van Outen

English people are lovers of bingo, and so is Denise van Outen. Before she became a regular name and a famous figure in the movies and on Broadway, she used to enjoy bingo back home. Many people have also attested to seeing her play at a local bingo hall in her native Essex.

HRH Prince William

When you are raised as a British royal, you wouldn’t have to move far to find fun and entertainment. At Balmoral Court, Prince William enjoyed playing bingo with Prince Phillip and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. During his military days, he also played bingo, and would sneak into a local bingo hall close to his station in Sandhurst to enjoy some time at the tables.

Written by Monella