Top 10 “Girls Talk Boys” Music Video Moments!

After endless streaming, hashtagging, and Snapchat teasing, the Girls Talk Boys music video is finally here! With the sequel to an iconic movie, a funky beat, and 5 Seconds of Summer all wrapped up into one awesome video, what’s not to like? While the girls from the movie are out saving the world, 5SOS are…well, we’re not quite sure what they’re doing but whatever it is, it’s gotten us swerving in and out of all the boys’ lanes. These are our top 10 moments from the music video!

1. 5SOS jamming out in the car.


Are they taking the long way home? Are they hitting all the red lights? Is Green Day on the radio?

2. The boys striking a pose

Work it. We’re also appreciating that use of Comic Sans!

3. Calum/Gilbert’s introduction

Our hearts skipped a beat, and our skin has cleared from that wink. Also, cue Calum getting a puppy named Gilbert in every other fanfiction on the internet.

4. Calum’s reaction to the Slimer

Something tells us that this is going to go down in 5SOS history as an iconic reaction picture – probably side by side with that fish charades moment from Finding Nemo.

5. Luke singing into the camera

It wouldn’t be the worst thing if most of the music video was just the boys singing into the camera.

6. Ashton and Michael’s reaction to the monster in the fridge

When you open the fridge and someone’s taken the last slice of pizza.

7. Michael and Ashton trying to defeat the monster

We’re not sure how effective swatting it away will be, Ashton. For those of you wondering: yes, that’s a pair of rubber kitchen gloves that Michael’s smacking the monster over the head with. Why do we get the feeling that it’s Luke inside that costume?

8. The boys’ synchronized head nods in the car

Just another normal day. Rolling up in the car with squad, about to fight assorted paranormal creatures. Somehow, Michael’s driving now.

9. Ashton’s zombie impression

If only all zombies looked and acted like him.

10. Michael in the Marshmallow Man costume.

A marshmallow man destroying New York City should be something that both terrifies and concerns us, but something about a six foot Australian stumbling around in that costume makes us roll our eyes, laugh, and question why we love this band so much.

 BONUS: The band dancing with a Slimer

Ain’t nothing like your favourite band dancing in sync with a cloth costume monster.

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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