Top 10 Instagram Posts of Tyde Levi, Alexis G. Zall and Ben J. Pierce

It’s no small fact that YouTubers Tyde Levi, Alexis G. Zall and Ben J. Pierce are the very best of friends!

Since traveling together during April for the Australian AmplifyLIVE tour, the three besties have been spending lots of time together in Los Angeles, where Alexis and Ben currently live. For the past few weeks, Tyde, Alexis and Ben have been cataloguing their fun through social media like Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram.

Take a look at our top 10 favorite Instagram posts of these ever-growing YouTubers! Although not ranked in any specific order, the friendship between Tyde, Alexis, and Ben in each of the photos will be sure to make you smile!

10. Airplane ride for AmplifyLIVE

We’re not sure what’s cuter –– Ben’s fluffy hair and sleeping mask along with Tyde’s dimples, or the fact that Ben referred to Tyde as his little brother!

9. The Ultimate KidPOV/Tyde Levi Collab

Earlier this week, Ben J. Pierce and Tyde Levi collaborated with each other and filmed two separate videos: one for Ben’s channel “KidPOV”, and one for Tyde’s channel. The duo filmed some silly antics for both videos, including transforming Ben into Tyde and transforming Tyde into a potato.

8. Kiddie Ride Candids

Who says that only little kids are allowed to play on kiddie rides?

7. Birthday Shenanigans

Alexis G. Zall recently turned 18 last week. In some pre-celebrations with Tyde, she had fun in this tropical confetti photoshoot paradise. Needless to say, Alexis and Tyde know how to rock that neon apparel!

6. AmplifyLIVE’s Dynamic Duo

Alexis and Ben slay not only AmplifyLIVE, but everywhere they go! We absolutely adore their outfits, but we adore their big smiles even more.

5. I Loaf You Dough Much!

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we got the breads

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Alexis and Tyde butter get ready for a couple of bread puns!

4. 18th Birthday Photoshoot

Now, Ben and Alexis aren’t actually a couple; in fact, Alexis expressed being interested in girls last week in her birthday video “18 Tips for 18 Years”. However, nothing will change the fact that Ben J. Pierce and Alexis G. Zall will always be a team!

3. Sharing is Caring

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we traded hats! @tydelevi

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Along with similar hats, they both are wearing similar shoes!

2. Sharing is Caring, Pt. 2

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Her hat my hat @alexisgzall

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A second photo of the hat trade posted on Tyde’s Instagram. They’re so sweet!

1. #bentydexis

During Alexis’s 18th birthday party last week, her, Tyde, and Ben took to the balcony to take this lovely photo. Sincerely, the expressions on their face exemplify what friendship truly is.


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Written by Celine Low

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