Top 15 Jedward Tweets

John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, are very well known for their crazy hair, clothes and personalities, but what if we look at their tweets? Here we have 15 of our favourite sayings from the twins.

15. Who knows what goes on in their minds? 

14. The most relatable tweet we’ve ever seen.

13. Their positive attitude on life is contagious

12. Haven’t we all?

11. They make the most of pop-culture

10. Now this is the perfect present idea for your siblings

9. Works every time

8. Aww

7. I’m sure everyone agrees with this

6. We all know this feeling

5. More pick-me-ups

4. EVERY fan will appreciate this tweet

3. Just a little warning

2. One of the most famous Jedward quotes

1. Ooops…

With their 34.4k tweets, this list could go on forever, so if you ever need a good pick-me-up, advice, or just a little giggle, make sure you check out @planetjedward‘s page.

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Written by CelebMix