Top 3 Acts at Summer in the City (Saturday Evening)

A brilliant night filled with so many amazing performances

It felt like we had been waiting for Summer in the City (SitC), which took place in ExCeL London, for ages. When the 11th August finally arrived, it lived up to all of our expectations. The availability of cheaper Evening tickets meant that the hall containing the Main Stage was almost full most of the time. This created an electric atmosphere. It took us a good while to whittle down all the amazing acts we saw on Saturday night to a top 3, but we eventually got there. Here they are:


Five boys singing on a stage
RoadTrip performing ‘No No No’ on the SitC Main Stage

This boyband containing Andy, Rye, Brooklyn, Mikey and Jack were very happy to find lots of Roadies in the audience. With 783,000 subscribers on their main YouTube channel and 136,000 on their vlog channel, they certainly had a right to be there. They came out to ‘Tokyo Hotel,’ which is a song on their latest EP by the same name that was released in October 2017. They were all very energetic and clearly loved being on stage. Their next two songs, ‘No No No’ and ‘Miss Taken,’ were equally as high in tempo and energy from the boys. The fourth song, ‘After The Show,’ had a little dance that the audience could do every time the boys sang the chorus. Their fifth and final song was ‘Take This Home,’ which is their brand-new single that came out just two weeks before this performance. Overall, it was a great performance from the boys with a well-chosen set full of high-energy songs.

Jon Cozart

This hilarious musical comedian was the most subscribed YouTuber at the online video convention. His channel, ‘Paint,’ has 4.4 million subscribers! His performance was a mix of witty banter with the audience and some of his most popular songs. His first song was the only non-original; he took ‘Go The Distance’ from Disney’s Hercules and made it completely his own by describing what happens in the film during the instrumental. It was funnier than it sounds, we promise! He then went on to show us some brilliantly funny American accents. His second song, ‘Harry Potter in 99 seconds,’ was a popular one with the mostly teenage crowd. The last song Cozart performed is his most-watched YouTube video with 83 million views, ‘After Ever After.’ He had the harmonies played through his computer and he hit every single note perfectly.

New Hope Club

An Instagram post

We may be a little biased but we think George, Blake and Reece together make up an incredible pop/rock trio and they definitely rocked the SitC stage. Their cover and vlog channel has 497,000 subscribers and their VEVO channel has 117,000 subscribers. Their first song was ‘Tiger Feet,’ which comes off the Early Man soundtrack. Reece recently said in an interview with CBBC that ‘Tiger Feet’ is his favourite song to perform live. They have given a new lease of life to an old song (that was originally sung by Mud) by opening it up to their young fans. The boys performed ‘Medicine’ next, which is their latest single. It is perhaps their most popular single as it already has close to 1 million streams on Spotify and it was their first song to be played on BBC Radio 1; hopefully, it will be the first of many.

The third song was an unreleased song called ‘Crazy.’ This was the only song that members of ‘The Club’ didn’t know all the words to because they hadn’t been able to listen to it on repeat yet. Many fans are already clamouring for New Hope Club to release it but given how long it took them to release ‘Medicine’ after they started performing it, we reckon those fans will be waiting for a while. The final song was their first and most successful single, ‘Fixed.’ The song has 8 million streams and the music video has 1.9 million views. Everyone sang along to the incredibly catchy chorus. All the boys played their guitars masterfully throughout the set, which no other act did. New Hope Club were our favourite act because it was impossible to resist their energy and we found ourselves singing along, perhaps a little too enthusiastically at times!

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Written by Lucy Parry

I was born in and still live in Cardiff. I am currently in high school. Writing is one of my greatest passions, I just feel so happy when I'm writing. Camila Cabello and New Hope Club are my favourite celebrities. Although Tom Holland would be up there too if he hadn't made me cry so much in Avengers: Infinity War!