Top 3 Movies to Watch This Year

The past few months have been some of the best when it comes to the movie industry. Which movies should you watch right away, and what unreleased titles should you look forward to? Learn all about the best movies of 2019 right away!

Top Movies to Watch in 2019

What is your favourite pastime activity that you automatically turn to in times of need?

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Surprisingly enough, there aren’t that many people who choose to go to the movies when they have some time to spare. This year, though, more people chose to pass their time watching movies, as there were some great hits that captivated the attention of the masses.

If you are looking for a new movie to watch, here are a few of the best movies that came out so far in 2019:

The Animated Movie

Is there anyone in the audience who can resist a top-notch Pixar movie? Toy Story 4 has proved to be one of the most successful movies in the last few months, as it raked in an impressive sum of $135,060,775 in a heartbeat. In 2010, it seemed as if the movie’s creators brought the series to an epic end. That’s why the public was surprised when the announcement that another Toy Story movie is coming out surprised everyone, and we couldn’t wait for it to appear in the cinemas. People flocked to the theatres on the weekend the movie was released, and unsurprisingly – it turned out to be a major hit. If you’ve missed Woody’s antics, you are in for one hell of an adventure!

The Remake

Remakes can be quite tricky: either you love the movie for bringing your favourite characters back to life, or you’ll hate it for ruining a classic in an unforgiving way. If you remember the Mel Gibson movie “what women want”, you will want to watch the new and improved version of it: “What Men Want”. As it suits the #MeToo era perfectly, the movie focuses on a talented woman who can’t catch a break in an all-male working environment – until she gets stuck with an unexpected superpower that changes everything. A light-hearted and funny flick, this remake can turn out to be the perfect choice for you if you a movie that can cheer you up.

Captain Marvel

There is nothing more exciting than watching an action-packed movie that will take your mind off any day-to-day issues. Captain Marvel created quite a buzz in the media, as it is not a common occurrence when the superhero in question is a woman. It also didn’t hurt that the main character appeared in the last instalment of the Avengers movies, which was one of the best releases of the season.

Most Anticipated Movies That Are Yet to Come

If you’ve already watched all three movies and you’re still looking for a blockbuster to blow your mind, there are still lots of movies that haven’t made it to the cinemas yet.

In mere weeks, a live-action version of the classic Lion King movie is going to come out, and it seems to have plenty of potential to become the next blockbuster. The “It” sequel, “Joker”, and “Frozen 2” should also be on your “to-watch” list.

There are plenty of other movies critics believe will be successful, but only time will tell! Can you feel the anticipation in the air?

Pick a Movie, Watch, and Enjoy!

Watching a movie when you have some time off work is one of the most relaxing activities you can ever choose to participate in. So all is left for you to do is pick a movie that suits your mood, press the “play” button, and have some fun!

Written by CelebMix