The Top 5 1D Covers That You Need For The Summer

Is One Direction off hiatus yet?!

Unfortunately, no. We still have a few more months until the band returns. But in the mean time, we’ve decided to put together our top 5 favorite 1D covers that will help you get through the summer!

The Top 5 1D Covers That You Need For The Summer 1


Stockholm Syndrome by Lauren Bonnell

“Stockholm Syndrome” is a classic jam that’s bound to get you dancing – especially when you’re in a stadium along with 80,000 people and One Direction are performing it right in front of you. (Did we mention how much we miss the boys on tour?) But the simple spin that Lauren added here, is enough to make you really take in the lyrics along with the acoustic melody. Not to mention, how beautiful is her voice?

Midnight Memories by The Vamps

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good Vamps cover? The boys added a slightly heavier rock and roll spin on “Midnight Memories” that sets us over the edge! We absolutely encourage raising this one up while driving with the windows down.

Perfect by GAC & KHS

There really aren’t many words to describe how exceptional this collaboration of voices are. So with that being said, we beg you to click the play button and enjoy this cover of “Perfect”! You won’t be disappointed.

Drag Me Down by Twin Melody

We PROMISE your eyesight is not playing tricks on you. But if we do say so ourselves, this insanely talented dynamic duo totally kill their “Drag Me Down” cover. Definitely one of our favorites!

Rock Me by This Century

If you’re an avid One Direction lover like us, then you’re probably used to Niall slamming on his guitar while Harry punches the air like no other whenever the lads perform “Rock Me”. But in this cover, the melody goes off in a different direction. (Pun intended). The piano adds a much softer touch and gives off a really beautiful vibe; something that we can listen to for hours on end.


Those are just five out of the many many wonderful covers that have been uploaded to YouTube. Certainly don’t hesitate to surf for some more! You never know what you’ll come across.

The Top 5 1D Covers That You Need For The Summer 2

What are some of your favorite 1D covers? Comment below or tweet us at @CelebMix1D! We always love hearing from you.

Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.