Our Top 5 Cher Lloyd Performances!

Cher has always been an incredible performer ever since her X Factor audition back in 2010, as 5 years have gone by, her stage presence has become even better when we didn’t even know that was possible. Her TV appearances especially, while promoting her singles, have been a real treat as the years have gone by. In honour of her birthday, we thought we’d share 5 TV appearances that blew our minds.

With Ur Love – X Factor Results Show.

This performance was Cher’s first time back on the X Factor stage after finishing the show in 4th place a year before. With Ur Love is a very cute, bubbly pop song and Cher incorporated the outfits to match the songs theme. She came out in a very colour 2 piece outfit while her backup dancers all sported a bright pink wig each. The little breakdown dance aswell was great to see as Cher never really puts choreography in to her performances! (Does anyone still laugh when she winks at Louis Walsh??)

Really Don’t Care ft Demi Lovato – Good Morning America.

This was definitely an exciting moment for all the Lovatics and Brats of the world! The connection between these girls is so cute and they always have so much fun on stage together as we see in this video!

Oath – X Factor USA Results Show


This performance of Oath was extremely exciting to watch as so much was going on around the stage! The whole performance was chilled back like the song, Becky G made an appearance and we got to see another rare moment in which Cher involved choreography in to her performance!

Want U Back – America’s Got Talent.

Oh, Want U Back will forever be a classic! Cher stuck to her Want U Back US Music Video and had the theme as a 50s/60s diner. Cher brought a little choreography in to this performance but not as much as the previous ones. The whole performance was just so fun to watch! Especially the milkshake throwing and the British accent during “remember all the things that you and I did first?”

Sirens – Today Show.

Last but definitely not least, this flawless performance of Sirens! It’s definitely the most laid-back performance of all 5, however, it is so beautiful as Cher got to really show off how vocally talented she is! And she looked completely angelic!

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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