Top 5 High School Musical Duets

It’s been 10 years since the first High School Musical movie came out, and of course we are still celebrating!

The whole franchise has featured many solo performances, group performances, and of course, duet performances, being these last some of the most iconic for the films.

Wanna see our top 5 of High School Musical duets? (spoiler alert) Then keep scrolling!

5. Gotta Go My Own Way

Okay this might seem at first like a solo performance of Gabriella -a very emotional one- but at some point Troy joins her, throwing at her his own desperate questions about where is their relationship going after all the changes they’re going through during that turbulent vacation in HSM2. This breakup song is simply heartbreaker, definitely made our eyes water while we sang along.


4. Can I Have This Dance

One important thing about this HSM3 song is how is divided through the movie. The first part features Gabriella’s verse while she and Troy dance a waltz in the East High roof, later the rain arrives and gives the sweetest ending to this scene. The second part happens when Troy goes to visit her at Stanford University to sing his verse to her and convince her to come back for prom. Probably the most romantic performance in HSM.


3. The Boys Are Back


There is no doubt Troy and Chad’s friendship is goals, they supported each other even if they didn’t always agree with the other’s decisions, and also helped each other through every film, so this scene from HSM3 where they relive their childhood memories together at a junkyard before finding out what they want for their future, made our hearts melt while our feet couldn’t stop moving.


2. Bop To The Top

Sharpay and Ryan’s second audition is still one of our favourite HSM moments ever! A very catchy tune with a really good choreography, the performances of the Evans siblings have always been amazing, but this one was EPIC! No more left to say.


1. Breaking Free

The climax from the first HSM film, where Troy and Gabriella -with a little bit of help- escape for a while from their respective competitions to audition. Troy helps Gabriella to beat her scenic panic and they give an epic performance about freedom and personal success, they finally show up to the whole school what they’re made of and scream how now they’re not longer afraid of being themselves. Such a heartwarming moment.


Bonus: What I’ve Been Looking For

Of course we couldn’t miss this one, how can we forget that first time we saw Ryan and Sharpay performing? They turned this ballad into their own version, gave it more life and added a whole audition performance -with a little tap dance included! This was the moment when we simply knew we were gonna love them.


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Written by CelebMix