Top 5 Little Mix A Cappella performances

After we recently discussed the top 5 Little Mix acoustic performances, it was about time that we covered one thing that makes the girl band so special. Their amazing a cappella performances.

For those who don’t know, a cappella is singing without any instrumental accompaniment. You may have become familiar with the idea due to the Grammy award winning band, Pentatonix or through the 2012 smash hit move, Pitch Perfect.

Little Mix have this style of singing perfected and we are going to introduce you to some of their most breathtaking a cappella performances!

1. Doo Wop/Never Leave You

This cover of two nineties classic songs is possibly one of the most iconic a cappella performances that the ladies have ever done! This video is definitely one to show the haters when they refuse to acknowledge the talent that these girls possess. Everything about this performance is flawless and is the exact reason why Little Mix deserve so much more credit.

2.  End of Time

This is one of the first a cappella performances that we got from the girls and it is the one that proves how easily they managed to work their voices together, even from so early in their careers. They sound incredible together and their harmonies are pretty much heavenly. Honestly, we still don’t know how they managed to sing this song so fast and get all the lyrics correct, that’s talent if you ask us.

3. How Ya’ Doin’?

This is the song that just keeps giving. It sounds completely incredible in so many different styles, but the a cappella version has got to be our favourite! The breakdown that they added to the song, including Jesy’s beatboxing brings a fresh feeling to the nineties inspired track yet still letting us feel as if we’re partying as if it is 1999.

4. Who’s Loving You

Can we just discuss how amazing Leigh sounds during this a cappella cover? Her voice shines all the way through as a way to give a big middle finger to all those who ever doubted her vocal ability. (Seriously, how can people say anything bad about Leigh-Anne? Everything about her is extraordinary!) It has been a while since the girls have performed this iconic cover live but we’re still hopeful that they’ll revive it at some point in the future!

5. Boy

Last but by no means least — Boy is a track from the band’s second album Salute and the first 54 seconds of the track are nothing but beautiful a cappella. However, they have managed to bless us by singing the whole song with no instrumental back track and we are pretty sure that this is what they play when you enter heaven. Amazing.

We’re not going to lie, compiling this list was extremely difficult. Who can forget other incredible a cappella performances such as The End or No Scrubs? But at the end of the day, the people (you!) have spoken and all we did was listen!

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Written by CelebMix