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Addiction is a chronic disease that can wreck lives. It is characterized by compulsive drug seeking that is difficult to control, despite dangerous repercussions.

For some people taking drugs for the first time is a voluntary decision and they begin with recreational drugs just to have a good time. They mostly do it to ease problems like anxiety, depression, stress, or just because their peers are doing it. However, it is not just the drugs that are illegal, like heroin and cocaine, that result in addiction and abuse. Prescription medicines and medical drugs such as tranquilizers, painkillers, and sleeping pills can also become a reason for addiction.

The present article highlights the importance of entertainment industry, especially movies in driving a drug addict to sobriety and changing his life forever.

“All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” –Davis from Grand Canyon (1991). There are countless movies (fictional or biographical) about addiction and recovery out there. Some of the tales are extremely inspirational, uplifting and prove to be very motivating for the drug addicts in transitioning to road to recovery. Some movies have caused such a positive impact that addicts have overcome their struggles with drugs and alcohol and reminded them of all the reasons for choosing a healthy lifestyle (Cape, 2009).

Impact of films and entertainment industry on drug addiction and recovery

Over the years, the film industry has endeavored to capture an accurate representation of addicts and alcoholics hitting their bottom and their successive recovery and sobriety. Some documentaries have done better than others.

Furthermore, many movies have accurately portrayed the negative effects of drugs and alcohol and shown how substance abuse and addiction can badly damage one’s life. Films also depict difficulties of recovery, various rehabilitation programs from addiction, and could also help in reducing societal stigmatization of drug addiction.

Many movies, TV shows and documentaries have explored and highlighted addiction recovery, from the challenges and complexities of the processes and strategies to the value of support group meetings. Through fictional and authentic tales, these TV shows and movies can embolden addicts to fully commit to their sobriety. Examples of few such movies have been briefly discussed below;


Requiem for A Dream (2000)

This movie is one of the ugliest, grittiest tales depicting drug addiction. The intense drama revolves around four drug addicts whose livelihoods get shattered and tarnished due to drug dependence.

The movie chronicles four individuals addicted to diet pills (amphetamines) and their struggles with recovery. It depicts how these addicts face their own downfall associated with drug abuse and eventually wind up in a drug rehabilitation center due to drug-induced psychosis. This movie is an eye opener as it captures a theme that can be used as we grow old, keeping ourselves away from the demons in the form of drugs.


Panic in Needle Park (1971)

This movie is a stark portrayal of the lives of heroin addicts who frequent “Needle Park” in New York City. However, it is not meant for the faint of heart as the agony and ugliness that ensues take the once-loving couple to the absolute depths of adversity and despair. It depicts the effects of drug use on a romantic relationship and how it leads to betrayals in love.


Basketball Diaries (1995)

This classic coming-of-age flick is a true story based on a memoir of Jim Carroll – a young basketball player who loses himself to heroin addiction. This film is believed to be an accurate portrayal of drug abuse and addiction and does an effective task of raising anti-drug awareness.

Falling deep into the depths of drug addiction, Carroll ends up selling his body to support his heroin cravings. He falls and loses sight of his dreams, eventually ending up on the street as a criminal, a thief, and a prostitute. After hitting his own rock bottom, he ends up in jail, mental institutions and drug rehab centers. He gets a chance to regain his sanity with the help of an old friend.


Trainspotting (1996)

This movie depicts the effects of drug use on friendship and how it leads to repeated betrayals among friends. It shows a mild form, but even more frightening, the devastating causes of drug abuse.  It is a portrayal of drug addiction as an unmanageable, exhausting, intensely uncomfortable daily routine.


Beautiful Boy (2018)

Beautiful Boy chronicles the heart wrenching and inspiring experience of misery, survival, relapse, and recovery in a family coping with drug addiction over many years. It highlights the effects of drug use on parent child relationship and how it leads to mistrust and finally forcing parents to give up on their dear child.


The Importance of movies in seeking Addiction Treatment

Movies about drug abuse and addiction can be highly influential, particularly for young children, teens, college students and young adults. All the above movies are relatable to an addict’s life and offer the right motivation to kick-start a successful recovery. The messages from these movies are very powerful and convincing.

These films can be considered as the inspiring push that individuals need to seek recovery. These can also be visually stunning as it is inspiring, depicting that triumph is possible no matter how insurmountable a drug addiction treatment and recovery challenge might seem (Sulkunen, 2007).

For example, in the case of movie “Take Your Pills”, the film covers the history of amphetamines and depicts the hypercompetitive culture triggering prescription stimulant abuse. The documentary is a must-see for parents who are of the opinion that ADHD drugs are not dangerous or addictive.

A number of films and documentaries, also cover the realities of treatments and recovery. These stories allow viewers to get an insight into the challenges of recovery. They also enlighten us with the fact that addiction treatment centers, drug rehab facility or alcohol treatment center can assist you or your known one overcome devilish dependency on drugs, as well as any psychological issues that may be driving your addiction. Movies on drug addiction and recovery inspire the viewers (addicts in this case) to seek treatment at any stage of addiction (Hersey, 2005).

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