Top 5 One Direction Interviews

For some people, the best way to spend their time on YouTube is watching One Direction interviews. We’ve made a list and narrowed it down to the best 5 interviews and here they are:


5.  One Direction & Scott Mills At A Secret Location!

In this 5/5 interview, One Direction talks about their album FOUR and share some funny stories at a secret location.


4. Dodgeball with One Direction

In this hilarious James Corden skit, One Direction take the spotlight yet again playing dodgeball.


3. One Direction Liam Payne Interview

Liam Payne interviews the three boys in a roller coaster and it’s worth a watch and a good laugh.


2. One Direction’s Harry Styles and Liam Payne play the Sugarscape Fourplay challenge

Liam and Harry play a game in which Harry has to make Liam guess what he’s reading from the paper by acting it out/ miming about it.


1. Skype Scavenger Hunt with One Direction

Well this interview has a reason to be number one. In this interview, Jimmy Kimmel has the five boys run around their dressing room to find some items and do some tasks.


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Written by CelebMix